Livigno Ski Resort in the Alta Valtellina in the province of Sondrio I  Lombardy I  Italy                           Added (11/2024)

Livigno is a ski resort town in the upper Valtellina at 1816 m elevation in the heart of the Italian Alps, near the Swiss border in the province of Sondrio, Italy.

Livigno is one of the best destinations for mountain lovers, both in winter and in summer. In winter it offers great snow all season long because the snow season starts very early. There lots of gold medalists that train in this location which is also called 'Little Tibet' due to the freezing temperatures.

In this corner of paradise for ski lovers it there are many ski slopes (115) at different levels from 1800 to almost 3000, with 12 black runs, 37 red runs and 29 blue runs. It is one of the most important and well-equipped ski resorts in the Alps.

In the summer season Livingo offers spectacular views with many outdoor activities including trekking, climbing and walking between buildings of a mix of Italian and Austrian architecture; the duty-free area has existed since ancient times.

In this area there are also many restaurants where you can taste typical dishes such as pizzoccheri and polenta taragna, bresaola Valtellinese, various cheeses from Alpeeggio and many other specialties from the province of Sondrio.

Not to mention the immense amount of flora and fauna of the area, a very rich nature reserve having animals such as deer, ibex, chamois, marmots, golden eagles and much more.

There are many plant and tree species in the area including Larches, Pines, Stone Pine, Berries and Rowan of birds, Primula, Glacier Buttercup, Edelweiss and Alpine aster, and much more.

A drive from Tirano to Livigno with friends. It takes approximately 53 min to drive from Tirano to Livigno. after parking we explored Livigno and the friends had lunch with a specialty originally from Valtellina'Polenta taragna, pizzoccheri with braised meat. Since I don't eat meat, I enjoyed a good bruschetta. Really great