Free Wheel/Ruota Libera ... the bicycle that respects all those who love echo, peace, love, equality and diversity.

Free Wheel /Ruota Libera ... the future of Eco - sustainable queen of the ecological world.

Two wheels ... that make your dreams come true by accompanying you to places that are always unique ...

Live - love - tell all the passions you live in the world of ecology with nature! :)

My bicycle still reminds me of the emotion when my dad took it home to me and became a faithful friend of adventure!

Cycling is a sustainable, non-discriminatory means of transport for the benefit of both the environment and health. A bicycle can take you anywhere.

One day I had the idea that I had to learn more about my bicycle and so I disassembled it from scratch and accurately put it back together. I didn't have a bike maintenance stand; the homemade solution was to hang the bike on the ceiling under the balcony and with a rope that allowed you to lift the bicycle by hooking it to the handlebar and saddle.

Learning how a bike is put together really helped me! Every once in a while it's a good idea to check that everything is in place on our bike in every ride.

A bicycle must be both beautiful to look at and well maintained as well :)!

Cycling tourism was born with the desire to be in contact with nature as simply as possible with a bicycle for full travel autonomy.

My first trip, a world to discover, I knew where the departure was, the return of my flight to Europe without having drawn a direction and I didn't know how many kilometers I would have traveled. My spirit of adventure led me to ride 4,681 kilometers. It was a new experience for me to spend in the saddle and it happened to me once to tell myself but why pedaling to discover the world like this? I had no answer, continuing my journey and overcoming all difficulties. " My father and my mother encouraged me via cell. At the end of the trip a gift from my family: a gold medal ... wow!

From this holiday I discovered the love of bicycling touring to travel the world ... of adventures.  The beauty is coming home with the joy and desire of the next adventure!

Through these experiences (not just bikes) I realized that every person an enormous strength capable of supporting them in the face of every difficulty.

The important thing is not to be discouraged and to follow your dream. Everyone has different abilities and talents -  never think who is "better" than me. Everyone has the satisfaction of the arrival!

Finally, any physical and outdoor activity that is important means listening to one's body ... not forcing it too much is fundamental to a healthy adventure.

Desire - continue - believe ... leads to the finish line! 

Who knows, that I inspired you to a bike tour... a sustainable journey. Eh, if I managed to travel in this magnificent way everyone can do it. I'm sure! Moreover, there is no age for every experience;)

FREE WHEEL, friendly and faithful to travel with two wheels, leaving the passion and joy of an eco-adventure! ;)

Good rides and happy rides! :) CIAO

This page was created thanks to my friend Boris who one day suggested that I should describe my experiences that would have been useful to those who would have unique cycling tour or an excursion. It was good advice, thanks Boris!

I dedicate this page to my father and to my mother, who gave me moral support on my first trip... it would never be the last trip!

Free WheelRuota Libera