Bicycle  touring is more of a general term that may be used to describe any kind of travelling by bike. It is a slow, sustainable and fascinating way of traveling that changes the way we see the world. In practice, you visit the places that interest you in the world, the world connects to you and you reach the perfect balance between travel, feeling and movement.

Bicycle touring,  Gravel bike touring and Bikepacking share many similarities, although they differ in riding terrain,  different frame material and bag setup but all are focused on the freedom of traveling wherever you want  is an active lifestyle. Whether on a bike tour or bikepacking trip, you’ll have to carry your belongings on your bicycle.

What does a long-distance tour talk about by bicycle?

Embarking on a bicycle trip is a wonderful way to get to know the territory and you experience incredible sensations and you try them every day with a destination to reach they are unique and whether you're biking through rolling hills, mountain passes or a cute little countryside town, rainy days, or too hot days or the wind in your face give great emotions. And it's wonderful when the tiredness of a day in the saddle is overcome by a different day and by the stroke of a colored pen that has marked, with satisfaction, the line of your unique route on a map or visible also from a GPS track has a special value and different from another type of motorized travel.

The best feeling for those who pass through places is that they have not caused any harm, being peaceful, discreet and without polluting. it is love for nature and respect for our wonderful planet! It is a desire to explore the unknown, not to fear the unexplored.

What is important on a bicycle trip?

To face a bicycle trip alone or in company, the important thing is the physical preparation but above all the mental one that makes you overcome any difficulty and unexpected events and the strength of each trip! Everyone can travel with their own realistic goals - endurance and fitness :)

How much do you plan before leaving for a trip?

Before I set out on I bike tour I mapped out the route on Kommot but it doesn't mean that I will follow what I have mapped and I get some basic idea where I want to go and see by doing some resource on the internet I look other cycle that who travel to the destination I am planned to go and obviously I think about some fundamental aspects of the trip, and I prepare accordingly but I have never followed the path of others. In my travels I don't plan every detail I plan my own bike routes I invent the path day by day without ever daring to predict the true path I just by looking at some maps and finding the bike routes, less traffic roads or gravel roads or what I find at the moment or what I'm interested in taking. So I created my adventures with my spirit of discovering my places, found by coincidence and some educated guesses., making them fascinating and unique!

My bicycle trips are timeless and often aimless and I never know for sure where I will end the days. My track and route is defined only at the end of the day. Why? It's fun and more spontaneous! ;)

Have I ever had a cycling holiday alone?

Yes, I traveled alone and I love it! But I have also traveled with only one travel companion the important thing is finding the right companion is often a challenge, but once you find the right companion where together you decide what type of trip you want to do, open to new experiences and sudden changes and that he is an affable and friendly travel companion and the important thing is that you are sure to feel comfortable and make sure you have similar expectations.

The big advantage when traveling as a friend or a couple is, that you can divide a lot of required gear between your bikes and then it's nice to share the travel experience with the same passion!

What feeling do I get when riding a bicycle?

An incredible sense of freedom, the ability to go where I want, when I want and my pedalling pace. It is a continuous movement, exploring new paths and exchanging a few words with cyclists or others who I meet along the way.

What goals do I have when I'm on the bike saddle?

My goals in the saddle are to explore and reach my goal while challenging myself over longer distances, with steep climbs which are nice and to feel the wind because it comes towards you and you challenges you while pedalling more and more without giving up; it is a wonderful emotion to push through the wind which is obviously stronger than me!

Why do I love to travel independently?

I love discovering independent adventure, it is an art that is learned in every journey by learning the task of managing all the logistics, the responsibility of one's own route and the great flexibility of every change during the days. Traveling and being too organized and following a detailed plan are not things that go together in my way of travelling, I would find it boring to follow too much of a list. Generally I organize a minimum travel plan. (depends on the trip), my stops that depend on which trip and the trip starts!

I love traveling independently to discover the adventure of the moment. Yes, an autonomous long distance tour is not a light journey, but the feeling of being self-sufficient and bringing your "home" and all camping equipment with you brings a sense of freedom. It is a unique and always different emotion!

What accommodations do you use during your trip?

The choice of accommodation to be made depends on the budget and the type of experience desired. Personally, I love camping as much as possible; it is not to reduce costs but to be in contact with nature. Cycling and camping get married in a naturalistic eco-trip. The tent is a small nest and love of nature! Motels, inns and B & Bs are fine, but I don't like hostels.Yes, it is not a light or easy journey, but the feeling of being self-sufficient and carrying the "home" and all camping equipment is a sense of freedom.

What did I learn from my travels?

There is always something unique to learn from each tour; different lifestyles open my mind and make me appreciate every single detail of the trip. It is about gathering new experiences, new places, new cultures every day, with the beauty of different landscapes and knowing the diversity of one country compared to another. It is always a new adventure!

What is an eco-trip with an e-bike in my opinion?

It is a pedal assisted bike that offers an experience for everyone for their own reasons that offers the opportunity to travel on two wheels. The only consideration is that the battery needs to be recharged, but it is becoming increasingly popular (just get organized). It is a new alternative way to travel! As well as I have never used it, but I think it is a good way to travel in an environmentally friendly way!  

I conclude that sport is a passion, which you can not give up even on vacation, whether with the bike or doing any other sport they bind together!

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” Albert Einsten

Happy adventures

Bicycle touring, Gravel bike touring and  Bikepacking