Ciao, I'm Patrizia, Italian-Canadian, originally from Milan. Growing up in Europe has given me the gift of travel and the opportunity to immerse myself in different cultures.  I am an incurable lover  of the outdoors, dicovering new worlds and making new friends!

I love being Eco - Friendly and I've always been passionate about all kinds of outdoor experiences, and I especially like wild nature and wildlife!

It began at a very early age. My family and I would spend every chance we got away from the city and to spend time with the nature and many kinds of outdoor activities and recreation.

The bicycle has always fascinated me from a young age and from then, over time, I discovered a new great passion - Cycle tourism where it leads me to live in complete freedom and always in contact with and in harmony with nature!

I am the kind of person who wants to throw themselves into an adventure out of the ordinary, who, like hikers, like to travel, then decide to travel miles and miles in nature by bicycle or with a backpack and other outdoor activities.

I love sharing these experiences to inspire and help others to do the same. Come join me on my adventures!

In the past... I did a couple of triathlons and I really had wonderful experiences, but I will probably do it again :-)

In the present... I like the Gym, mountain biking, cycling, backpacking, hiking everywhere, cross country skiing, kayaking and walking/adventures with my dog.

Since my first trip I have cycled a grand total of 22,660 km in Europe, Canada and USA . The penultimate trip was Coast Cycle Route which stretches from Vancouver, B.C. in Canada to San Diego, USA, near the Mexican border and my last trip is ITALY'S FOR SEAS: A cycle tour along the italian pensinsula 'solo and self-contained adventure'. And who knows what my next Bicycle Touring or Bikepacking adventure will be!

In the future... always looking for new tours/new adventures to discover!

I have dedicated myself to practicing many adventure sports and of course also cycling.

"There is NO LIMIT TO THE AGE to be passionate about sports" - patrizia -

In twenty years you will be more disappointed by the things you have not done than by what you have done. To explore. Dream. Discover " Mark Twain



My retired bike of which we have traveled 40,000 and more kilometers

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