Riding The Triple Crown Hill Climb, British Columbia Canada                                                                            Added (082023)  

Riding the Vancouver Triple Crown Hill Climb is one of the most demanding cycle paths in Vancouver, an epic, satisfying challenge hard personal effort to test yourself on the steep climbs, where you face the ascents of the three mountain passes: Grouse and Cypress, Grouse and Seymour or vice versa.

I started at Cypress and finished at Seymour which was fun but certainly not spectacular as the passes I made in Europe were more scenic there. Although I already knew them but I had climbed them more than once, apart from different destinations but it was the first time I've done all three and I simply climbed them out of curiosity. I love the ascents and descents for the sense of freedom that represents a true "divine reward" for the efforts of the climbs sitting on the saddle of the bicycle.

Distance: 88.4. Km

Time: 06:48